Igor Wakhevitch - Logos LP 24428
[Fauni Gena]

Igor Wakhevitch - Logos LP 24428
Reissue of the rare 1970 album. Edition of 500 copies. "Subtitled Rituel Sonore pour Group Pop (Triangle), Choeur mixte et Bande Magnetique and originally recorded as music from a N.Schmucki ballet premiered at Festival d'Avignon 1970, this is the perfect introduction to Wakhevitch dark, powerful and often menacing sound world. An unlikely mixture of 20th century classical avant-garde, both orchestral and electronic and psychedelic rock courtesy of french psych-prog band Triangle. A strong piece which pairs epic choral parts with Wakhevitch's taped electronics and Triangle's hypnotic jamming to form, in typical Wakevitch occult fashion, an ode to man's relationship with sound forces with the composer acting as a medium between the magical forces of sound and listener. The text inside the wonderul red gatefold cover holds some keys to the composer's universe, mentions to early 20th russian mystic thinker Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff and also Kabbalistic and Alchemistic traditions are coupled byWakhevitch's vision of a cosmic art for the 20th century, aligning himself to similar efforts by William Sheller and Guy Skornik."