Zeitkratzer - James Tenney CD 10227

Zeitkratzer - James Tenney CD 10227
three recordings of music by James Tenney played by the Berlin based Zeitkratzer ensemble. Very well recorded, tense and beautiful orchestral drone music.

1. James Tenney - Critical Band [1988] 17:13
2. James Tenney - Harmonium #2 [1976] 19:44
3. James Tenney - Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion [1971] 10:22

recorded live at Philharmonie Luxembourg, Luxembourg, October 3, 2009. recorded and mixed by Ralf Meinz and Reinhold Friedl, produced by Burkhard Schlothauer, executive producer: Reinhold Friedl

James Tenney's music has been part of zeitkratzer's repertoire for almost a decade. This CD presents a new recording of Critical Band - Tenney's late classic - with maximum clarity. Also included is the first recording of Harmonium #2. Both works demonstrate the remarkable power and resplendent sharpness which Tenney achieved by composing with pure tunings.

Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion for tam-tam completes this CD with an orgiastic listening experience in the form of a huge crescendo on this wonderfully simple instrument - from whispering to singing, culminating in shrill roaring and blustering ? and it?s dark decay. Tenney?s music as a sensual sound adventure!

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