Zeitkratzer - Songs LP 24604

Zeitkratzer - Songs LP 24604
Zeitkratzer releasing SONGS? Isn't zeitkratzer a contemporary music group? Or a noise band? Songs? These songs actually have been developed over several years and evolved from a fashion show zeitkratzer was making the music for. Marc Weiser a.k.a. rechenzentrum, since then a member of zeitkratzer, sings. Marc has already caused some furore as Mark Markowitch, singing fake songs in fake languages in some hidden Berlin bars. So now all of those together: zeitkratzer's noise, zeitkratzer's unfathomable electro-like sound layers and Mark's voice, flying above, croaking, reciting, disappearing inside the noise, singing the falsetto or just floating on a repetitive prepared piano loop...

What a beautiful goodbye to Pop - back to the real song, the real air, with orchestral density and minimalistic sound layers: SONGS!

Marc Weiser [voice] - Burkhard Schlothauer [violin] - Anton Lukoszevieze [violoncello] - Ulrich Phillipp [doublebass] - Frank Gratkowski [reeds] - Hild Sofie Tafjord [french horn] - Hilary Jeffery [trombone] - Reinhold Friedl [piano] - Christian Lillinger [drums, percussion]

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