Zeitkratzer - Volksmusik CD 20375

Zeitkratzer - Volksmusik CD 20375
zeitkratzer comes with its own sound and immerses into folk music ? into still existing folk music, not a leftover phantasm. The precendent research was concentrated on music of the Danube abutters, but finally zeitkratzer used every kind of found material that proposed itself for further use: waltz-reminiscences were inescapable, zither and dulcimer are tested for their capability to produce noise, and the trumpet sings the pure and naive overtones of the mountain solitude? the lower Danube valley contributes rhythmical eruptions and finally everything leads to a wonderfull, free uprooting. Listen, be wild, enjoy!

Recorded live at Donaufestival Krems, Austria, April 29, 2007. Reinhold Friedl (piano, artistic director), Burkhard Schlothauer (violin), Anton Lukoszevieze (cello), Uli Phillipp (contrabass), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet), Hayden Chisholm (clarinets, bagpipe), Marc Weiser (electronics), Maurice de Martin (percussion), Ralf Meinz (sound)

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