Zeitkratzer - World As Will III CD 22446
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Zeitkratzer - World As Will III CD 22446
Zeitratzer ensemble performing "World As Will III" composed by Zbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate. "Mergence, Below the demarcation and Mix white conclude the World As Will project, started ten years ago, the result of a collaboration between Zbigniew Karkowski and Tetsuo Furudate. The first piece arises from an infrabass ocean to crudely develop through a series of distant explosions, percussive energy, and short open cuts. As a whole, the structure is reminiscent of a slow crawling process. Tremors follow (with Karkowski, something always ends up shaking). For me, the second piece is both the imprint and the development of the first one. Furudate's contribution to this joint venture is also easier to grasp. A menace passes by, and we are glad to remain hidden in our hole, letting the beast move along in short bursts (it must be rusty, metallic, torn, scorched). Commissioned and performed by the Berlin-based ensemble Zeitkratzer, the third piece provides a cathartic and tragic conclusion, achieving what could be called a sketch of Chaos."

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