John Cage - Shock Vol.1 CD 24027
[Omega Point]

John Cage - Shock Vol.1 CD 24027
All tracks are previously unissued. Joint production of Omega Point + EM Records. Tribute to theJohn Cage centenary and the 50th anniversary for his first Japan tour. Many scarce photos. Japanese - English liner notes including a commentary by Toshi Ichiyanagi. Cardboard / gatefold paper jacket + obi + liner. In October 1962 John Cage and his great interpreter/co-visionary David Tudor visited Japan, performing seven concerts and exposing listeners to new musical worlds. This legendary JohnCage Shock, as it was dubbed by the critic Hidekazu Yoshida, is the source of this series of releases, three CDs and a best hits double LP compilation. Recorded primarily at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo on October 24, 1962 (with two performances from October 17 at Mido-Kaikan in Osaka), all recordings in this series are previously unreleased. A major historical trove, unearthed. The performances on this tour featured Cage and Tudor with some noteworthy Japanese musicians playing pieces by Cage and a number of other composers. Volume 1 begins with Toru Takemitsu's Corona for Pianists (1962), played by Tudor and Yuji Takahashi, an indeterminate piece scored using transparencies, a sign of Cage's influence on younger Japanese composers of the era. Following this is Duo for Violinist and Pianist (1961) by Christian Wolff, written specifically for David Tudor and violinist Kenji Kobayashi. The final piece, a near-twenty-minute realization of Variations II (1961), is a rare example of the rougher side of Cage, work that presaged much of the live electronic music and noise of the following decades, an aspect of his oeuvre which is woefully under-represented on CD.Cage and Tudor, using well-amplified contact microphones on a piano, deliver an electrifying performance, alternating distorted stretches of harsh 60s reality with bountiful silences. The JohnCage Shock series features truly historical recordings, all previously unreleased, of compositions by an amazing roster of international composers. The intensity of these performances by Cage, Tudor, Ichiyanagi, Kobayashi, Ono and Takahashi has remained hidden and unheard for half a century, but remains undiminished. These three CDs, as well as the special double LP (including a vinyl only bonus track), feature rare photos plus Japanese and English liner notes. 1. Toru Takemitsu Corona for Pianists. Performer: David Tudor (piano) + Yuji Takahashi (piano). 2. Christian Wolff Duo For Pianist & Violinist. Performer: David Tudor (piano) + Kenji Kobayashi (violin). 3. John Cage Variations II. Performer: David Tudor (piano) + John Cage (piano).

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