Kunsu Shim - Love CD 25592

Kunsu Shim - Love CD 25592
Numbered edition of 280 copies.

Kunsu Shim was born as the son of re-migrants from Japan on September 15, 1958 in Busan, South Korea. The ocean provided the adolescent Shim with the experience of spatial openness and expanse. This notion can be seen later as the basis of his production. He twice won the first prize in a competition for young composers in Pusan, at age eighteen and nineteen respectively. In 1985, Shim arrived in Germany, where he studied composition with Helmut Lachenmann in Stuttgart (1987-88).

“LOVE” is not easy listening. You can hardly find anything in this music which could relax you or provide a space for sweet dreaming. There are no new techniques used nor are there new sonic or acoustic achievements. The expression of sound is reduced to an extremely small scale. After listening to this music for a short time it begins to reveal itself and stays in front of you, as if being undressed. It seems like an architectural work but there are no audible structures. In “LOVE” I wanted a space, an essential space, a space of absence. A space of music being possible.Perhaps like that space of the soft beating pulses of my partner’s heart that I’ve listened to for so long. You could listen to “LOVE” just as you could listen to the pulses of your partner’s heart. LOVE (for two percussionists) was composed in 2004 by Kunsu Shim and recorded in 2012 by Nick Hennies (drums) and Greg Stuart (sustained sounds).

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