Antoine Chessex - Dust CD 22212
[Cave 12]

Antoine Chessex - Dust CD 22212
Composition for 3 violins, electronics, and tape. Performed by Valerio Tricoli (reel to reel tape recorders, electronics), Elfa Rön Kristinsdóttir, kkehard Windrich, Steffen Tast (violins). Recorded live at Bergain, Berlin, January 2011. Mixed and edited by Antoine Chessex and Valerio Tricoli. "A slow metaphysic development, the combination of stretched violins and revoxed sound traces, extanding, overlapping, diminishing before exploding in a compelling and final catharsis. Heading for the infinite, images of before and after the big bang, an achievement as mysterious as the unknown ... perhaps the music of a spaceship departing for the confines of the universe, this is what it could sound like to our simple terrestrial ears. A superb piece, expertly orchestrated and powerfully executed by musicians who are completely in their element ."