Makiko Nishikaze - Aqua.Pinao.Aerial CD 24059
[Edition Wandelweiser]

Makiko Nishikaze - Aqua.Pinao.Aerial CD 24059
Makiko Nishikaze, Piano. "The first time I heard Makiko Nishikaze talk about her music, she compared the process of composing to a river, finding its way. Whenever she comes upon a new sound, she goes back in her mind once more to the very beginning of the composition, and then traces its course forward to that point. Arriving at a new tone, she asks it whether it likes the place it is in. If not, she takes it away, and tries to find a new way for the piece to flow. One can imagine how much time it takes to write a piece that lasts about an hour. However, the flow of her music is as inevitable as water flowing downwards. It is as if it flows through a center, that is constantly changing its location, in view of the many questions and tensions that arise, and which has to be searched for and found, again and again.

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