Jürg Frey - Piano Music CD 24757
[Edition Wandelweiser]

Jürg Frey - Piano Music CD 24757
Jürg Frey's music is puzzling. A member of the experimental music collective Wandelweiser - think of a more philosophical Bang on a Can, with much quieter marathons - Frey creates art that baffles in its constant equivocation between softness and silence. In his essay 'And On It Went', Frey situates his music between two extremes: the path and the expanse. The path is our typical Western musical structure, with its teleological narratives going from one place to another and sometimes coming back again. The expanse is static music, unchanging over time - more object than journey. Frey finds the uncomfortable, and sometimes maddening, ground in the middle, where the path flows into the expanse. "I am on the precise threshold where static sonic thinking almost imperceptibly acquires direction, where static, wholly motionless sounds meet the onset of movement and directionality of the sound material," he writes. And so it is in the two works on this album, Frey?s Klavierstück 2 and Les tré fonds inexplorés des signes pour piano (24-35), which defy our notions of musical logic and create a new sound world where motion meets immobility.

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