Christian Wolff - Stones CD 20989
[Edition Wandelweiser]

Christian Wolff - Stones CD 20989
Performers: Wandelweiser Composer Ensemble. "Make sounds with stones, draw sounds out of stones, using a number of sizes and kinds (and colours); for the most part discretely; sometimes in rapid sequences. For the most part striking stones wfth stones, but also stones on other surfaces (inside the open head of a drum, for instance) or other than struck (bowed, for instance, or amplified). Do not break anything." While these instructions contain an abundance of possibilities, they also exclude many things. The score describes a condition under which things may happen, not a process in which things develop. Seven composers participated in the present realization by the Wandelweiser Komponisten Ensemble: Antoine Beuger, J?rg Frey, Chico Mello, Michael Pisaro, Burkhard Schlothauer, Kunsu Shim und Thomas Stiegler.

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