Burkhard Schlothauer - Piano Music CD 24057
[Edition Wandelweiser]

Burkhard Schlothauer - Piano Music CD 24057
In "ab tasten" I discovered my interest for the moment the sound falls silent, dies away. I noticed, that at some point it is not longer possible to asses whether the strings are still vibrating audibly, or whether it is only the image of the sound which is still in the mind. A sound has a beginning, an existence and an end. These parts, though, cannot be clearly divided: we cannot really say where the beginning is, where beginning turns into continuity, where continuity becomes an ending, where the end is. In "three pianos drumming" from 1999, which I wrote for PianoInsideOut (Reinhold Friedl, Michael Iber, Yunkyung Lee), on the other hand, the piano is used only as a percussion instrument. In three of the Steinway D grand pianos of Sender Freies Berlin the same bass string was taped with adhesive tape, strongly and lastingly muting the string. By this treatment the hammer beating of the piano becomes clearly audible. The piano is treated as what it is in terms of its sound production: as a "hammering machine".

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