Iancu Dumitrescu / Ana-Maria Avram (Edition Modern 1025) CD 26287
[Edition Modern]

Iancu Dumitrescu / Ana-Maria Avram (Edition Modern 1025) CD 26287
Four radical pieces for a great - and young - American string quartet who give life and power to four intense compositions (3 for quartet, one for quartet and tape). Spectralism is slowly becoming more accepted and located in the listening world, and the reduced nature of a string quartet, combined with the great sensitivity of these players, urges minute concentration on the part of both performers and the listeners (digital silence also helps) which is repaid in an edge-of-seat, time-locked existentiality. The four pieces move in different directions and are saturated with detail, the compositions seeming to rise out of the grain of the performance, rather than being an anachronous imposition upon it - a tribute to the vision and skill of the composers, who tread a perilous path between precision and dependency - demanding immediacy through prevision, open scoring and will; a dangerously ambiguous endeavour that erases the power relations between individuality and collectivity at the point of realisation. There are three pages of clunking text by Ben Watson in the accompanying booklet that, to this reader, seem completely inappropriate - an incomprehensible antithesis to the subtlety, depth and sensitivity of the music. Unhappily the delivery of this text as part of the concert is included as an unannounced final track on the CD. toe-curlingly inappropriate. But skip-able.

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