Harley Gaber - Indra's Net CD 20477
[Edition RZ]

Harley Gaber - Indra\'s Net CD 20477
"Both works on this CD form, in a manner of speaking, bookends for another piece of mine, The Winds Rise in the North. The first of the two, "Sovereign of the Centre", was my initial attempt at putting a new musical way of thinking into an ensemble rather than solo form. The second, "The Realm of Indra's Net", builds on musical 'discoveries' I made in the course of revising The Winds Rise in the North. It is a hybrid work in as much as it is an 'acoustic-tape piece' (not music concrete): There are four tracks of solo violin mixed down in different track combinations. (The one heard on this CD is a full-track mono version of the work.) Both of these pieces reflect a general shift in my musical thinking, which occurred in 1968 with Chimyaku (Japanese for 'barely moving') scored for solo alto flute. It was with that work that I began to compose 'slowed-down' music, like slow motion images in film, not merely slow music such as that of Feldman." Harley Gaber

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