Harley Gaber - I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji CD 23267
[Edition RZ]

Harley Gaber - I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji CD 23267
"Just over one hour and five minutes, Harley Gaber's 'I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji' (2009, for Tape and processed Violin and Alto Flute) offers proof of music?s power to transport (the listener) in ways generally associated with film and literature. 'Fuji's' Kaidan-like atmosphere - the Japanese world of ghosts and spirits - unfolds slowly in its process of uncovering and revealing a deeper and different spirit world in what might be termed a spiritual journey: The ascension and transformation of the human spirit into pure energy expressed in the form of both musical and non-musical sounds. This new work is at once a processing of untimely deaths in his family and a reconsideration of earlier compositions - Michi' for solo violin (1972) and 'Chimyaku' for solo alto flute?which, in their processed and altered form and in conjunction with an entirely new tape part, project a new level of insight into the essential spiritual nature of sound and its physicality; " . . .both transcendentally abstract and distinctly human," as the composer puts it. The ascension of Mount Fuji is a meditative journey, a spiritual odyssey perhaps, as real as it is imagined or metaphoric. The composer, however, leaves those distinctions for each listener to decide for him or herself. "

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