Jani Christou CD 27664
[Edition RZ]

Jani Christou CD 27664
Great, heavy and dynamic orchestral music and music for performances with acting, shouting and manic laughter by egyptian/greek composer Jani Christou (1926 - 70) including the pieces 'Enantiodromia' for orchestra (Oakland S.O.; Ltg. Gerhard Samuel), 'Praxis' für string-orchestra & piano (Rundfunkorchester Hannover, NDR; Klavier: Georges Pludermacher; Ltg. Michel Tabachnik), 'Epicycle' (Tape Version, Jani Christou), 'Anaparastasis III' - "The Pianist" for ensemble, tapes and one actor (Actor: Grigoris Semitekolo; Ensemble "musik unserer zeit", Ltg. Theodore Antoniou), 'Mysterion' (Prolog und Sprechertext, Zuspielbänder), 'Anaparastasis I' - "The Baritone" for Bariton, Chamber-ensemble and small Choir (Baritone: Spyros Sakkas; Ensemble "musik unserer zeit", Sinnhofer Quartett, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Ltg. Jaroslav Opela), and 'Praxis For 12' for 11 Stringinstruments und 1 Piano (Orchestra da Camera dell'Academia, Klavier und Ltg. Piero Guarino)

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