Hans G Helms - Fa:m' Ahniesgwow 2CD 23028

Hans G Helms - Fa:m\' Ahniesgwow 2CD 23028
Hans G Helms's book "Fa:m' Ahniesgwow" which has become a legend of the avant-garde moves in the borderland between literature and musical composition. In his work the author critically examines the structures of the continuing fascistoid society and takes a look at the era of economically miraculous consumer stress. Helms observes social and politico-economic phenomena, combines the things he has seen and experienced with the parameters of semantics, phonetics and grammar, using - strictly speaking - the language to compose. The integral recording of Helms's opus was accomplished by the SprachKunstTrio [SpeechArtTrio] sprechbohrer in 2009 after several years of examination of the work - sixty years after Helms had completed his work on the book. Due to intensive communication with Hans G Helms, a high degree of interpretive authenticity has been achieved. sprechbohrer have realised the integral recording of the 90-minute work in collaboration with the Hessischer Rundfunk; it was broadcast for the first time on the channel hr2-Kultur on 30 August 2009.

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