Stephanie Kiwitt - Capital Decor LP 23358

Stephanie Kiwitt - Capital Decor LP 23358
Edition of 300 artist-multiple vinyl-record by german visual artist and photographer Stephanie Kiwitt (b.1972). The soundtrack to Stephanie Kiwitt's installation, 'Capital Decor.' A voice reads aloud in Flemish brands, packaging and advertisements from in-store commercial displays. "For the sound work with the same title produced in parallel with her photographic work "Capital Decor" Stephanie Kiwitt has separated the speech material present in the pictures from its visual context and treated it as independent material. Writing and speech, along with the use of colors, are indispensable in advertising displays and packaging design, if the product promoted is to catch the consumer?s attention as directly as possible. However, the communication of complex contents is dispensed with in the process; it is more a question of the unconscious rather than conscious recognition and implanting of snappy slogans and simple catchwords that go straight to the crux of the matter and penetrate into buyers? consciousness without much semantic ballast, but by dint of aggressive omnipresence and repetition. The sometimes only fragmentarily absorbed publicity slogans, product descriptions and information on packaging are read out by a male speaker (voice: Christophe Piette), whose monotonous but powerful voice produces a monologue oscillating between concrete poetry and absurd cacophony."