Sten Hanson - More Canned Porridge 2CD 25213
[Firework Edition]

Sten Hanson - More Canned Porridge 2CD 25213
Double-CD Collection of works composed and realized 1964-2004 which in Swedish folklore is called an "Adult man?s lifetime". Including the pieces: Play Power IX (7:12), Deux Ballets Pour Robespierre 1 (4:00), Deux Ballets Pour Robespierre 2 (4:42), Five Stones In The River (12:11), Kinderspiele (9:27), Sonata For Bearpistol (2:40), Und So Weiter (4:28), The Health Fascists (6:09), ChSA (2:23), Le Vol D'Icare (20:47), Play Power II (13:14), Skinkan Variations (4:35), es Ist Genug (5:21), 61 67 (3:06), Les Sabots Du Bouc (12:16), Citizen, Sit Down (4:54), Five Musical Aphorisms (3:49), Les Noms Des Sept Nuits (22:26), and Valse Chosande (2:30).

"The works here come from four decades, which in Swedish folklore is called an "adult man?s lifetime". Four decades is a long time, even if it may seem scarily short when you look back on it. Of course the artist is not the same person at 70 as at 30. Knowing that, I have made it a principle never to go back and reverse old works, even if I'm not too happy with them. Doing that you can be almost certain to make the works worse and not better, as one can learn from countless historical examples.

In preparation for the Canned Porridge CDs I have listened through all my works, many of which I hadn't heard for decades. I realized in the process that some of the works, which I always had thought to be less successful, revealed unexpected qualities, while others didn't seem quite as fantastic as supposed. I therefore decided not to pass any quality judgement on my works but to include all of them that were suited for CD publication and had not appeared in any of my previous personal CDs."

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