Swantje Lichtenstein & Jono Podmore - Miss Slipper / Lewes 7“ 27578

Swantje Lichtenstein & Jono Podmore - Miss Slipper / Lewes 7“ 27578
"In a sense, “Miss Slipper/Lewes”, the new double sided 7” by Jono Podmore (Kumo, metamono, co-producer of Can’s “The Lost Tapes”) and Düsseldorf-based sound writer and performance artist Swantje Lichtenstein is as much a literary work as it is a musical release, a piece of sound art which charts the grey and still largely unexplored area between speech and studio as musical instrument, between poetry and the audio format. There’s a high-end visual dimension also – the cover is designed by sought after artist Michaela Eichwald.

Recorded at Jono’s in an emotional session in 2014, the day of the funeral of his friend the publisher Felix Hines (he receives a thanks in the artwork), it sees Swantje in neo-Dadaist spirit scan the room, grabbing any pieces of text lying around to create a whirlwind of spontaneous free verse which seeks to exceed the formality of poetry. “Miss Slipper” is taken from a piece of school text brought home by Jono’s daughter about her school art teacher, while “Lewes” is based on an annotated map of the English town containing directions from when metamono played there. Swantje speaks of “performative words, trying to write with sounds and words, not to mean anything in particular, yet it meant a lot . . . me and the mic, me-mic-cry or something like this.” These performances were then subject to what Jono describes as the “psychotropic mynde hexpansion of contemporary studio practice.” He subjected Swantje’s recorded speech to ring modulator and filter, then processed the resultant sonic multiplications further in the studio. (…)“
- from the Press Release by David Stubbs