The Oval Language MC 26283
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The Oval Language MC 26283
The Oval Language is the long time project by Leipzig artist Klaus-Peter John. Released in 1987 as a free sound and performance project, nowadays output is using the human voice as the main and only source to it´s recordings.

Quote, Klaus-Peter John:
„The voice is the first and oldest human instrument. Communication and articulation becomes most intense and direct when being used as an individual expression of pure phonetic language beyond spoken words. The Oval Language forms a kind of voice-biotope which points out the actual sound of the voice as such. Beyond the rational logic of our language it becomes an instrument in a world full of sound. It`s tonal immediateness is being emphasized instead of it`s ability to form word in order to communicate rationally.“

„Stimme ist das erste und älteste Instrumentarium des Menschen. Die Verständigung und Artikulation in Form der Lautsprache existiert außerhalb der geformten Worte als individueller Ausdruck am intensivsten, ja am unmittelbarsten. The Oval Language verdeutlicht durch die Schaffung einer Art von Stimmbiotop den Stimmklang außerhalb der rational funktionierenden Wortgebilde. Die Stimme als Instrumentarium in der Welt der Geräusche. Hierbei geht es immer um die tonale Unmittelbarkeit außerhalb der rationalen Vermittelbarkeit.“

8 pieces for voice, recorded in 2012, with a cover layout and artwork by Michael Barthel. Edition of 30, numbered by Klaus-Peter John.

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