Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate & andere Konsequente Dichtung (2014) CD 26214

Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate & andere Konsequente Dichtung (2014) CD 26214
"Kurt Schwitters’ “Sonate in Urlauten” [Sonata in Primal Sounds] is the prototypical work at the border between speech and music. The concise title of the work alone forges a suggestive link between language material and the musical form of the sonata; the "Ursonate" almost proverbially stands for sound poetry. For Schwitters, who was actively involved in promoting his sound-poetical opus magnum, even as his own interpreter, it was difficult to imagine that his work could survive without him at all. Nevertheless, the "Ursonate", more than any other work of this genre, reached an unparalleled fame."

“Letters have no sound; they only contain the possibility of making sounds, which are given value by the speaker” (Schwitters). On this CD, the phonetic-musical SprachKunstTrio [speech art trio] sprechbohrer presents its unique interpretation of Schwitters' "Ursonate" and other works by the artist who created one of the 20th century’s most multifaceted oeuvre of sound poetry.

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