Michael Barthel - Etwas wie etwa wars MC 25701
[Fluxus Montana]

Michael Barthel - Etwas wie etwa wars MC 25701
7 new pieces written & recorded August - December 2013. Edition of 50 copies. ""sometimes i think a lot about the GDR - the former country east-germany, where i grew up and lived between 1977 and 1989. after the "revolution" for few people it was important to build a new and "better" GDR, autonomous from west-germany. but this didn't happen ... matt taggert arranged a collage for the cover, showing parts of photos i took over the last years near my house, rotten and useless stuff. but there is a history in those objects, and a present and also a future. there is a track on this release called “schnellster“, which means “the fastest one“. it deals with being the slower one, not to be able to be fast enough; or being the one who must be always very fast to not get slow, like a survival of the fittest. using just my clean voice, and record it on the dictaphone, it often deals with the possibilities of a unique and personalized sonic expression within culturally defined lingustic codes. the photos, sound and titles are very connected to the topic, the circumstances to feel save and be yourself in a place called "home"."

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