Arf Arf - Clanguage CD 24913
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Arf Arf - Clanguage CD 24913
Arf Arf is a group of writers, sound-poets and film-makers from Melbourne, Australia. Arf Arf was founded in 1985. 'Clanguage' is their first and only CD from 1996. Highly recommended intense sound-poetry / text-sound compositions / conceptual heavy nonsense. Their work "explores the relationship between a letter, a word, or a text and its phonetic equivalent. Their compositions are poised on the edge, trying to capture that critical moment when abstract sounds become articulate speech and a set of letters acquires a meaning. They are careful not to let musical abstraction dominate the literary sense, not to cross that tenuous line when a musical form ceases to be a vehicle of sense and becomes an instance of empty formalism. When the abstract is present in their work, it rather accompanies the sense, complementing the literary message with the expression of sound. That is why their compositions are never purely abstract sets of sounds."