"          "[sic] GOLDIE -  drums, voice, credit card, amplifier, stereotaxic.
MATTIN - GNU/Linux computer feedback, voice, guitar.

"Defusing preconceptions of what a live event should be and degrading its components - the sound, the performance, the audience - without imposing aesthetic or moral limits: this is the reason for being of Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra, the project born in 2001 from the minds of two of the most unpredictable and 'conceptual' contemporary sonic activists: Mattin and "           "[sic] Tim Goldie. Ferocity and immobility, instruments abused and unused, musicians zombiefied in their 'stage persona' and in general the sense of psychosis, of necessary superfluousness that gushes from every gesture, from each decision taken by this anglo-basco duo make their live event an experience that is all but impossible to relate to, at least until they've stripped you of the costuming of dominant culture. "           "[sic] Tim Goldie is one of the most original noise musician/performers on the European scene. His double album "ABJECTOR"[sic] is a violent and considered examination of the fragmentation of language, the de-composition of instrumental research and the painful suffering that accompanies it. Far from any current or cultural influence, Goldie's work places itself in a unique conceptual universe, and its cruel voice warbles a mix of agony and ecstasy." (Valerio Tricoli)